A.D. John Currie accepts Chillin' 4 Charity challenge August 25 2014

Kansas State University's Athletic Director John Currie has accepted the Chillin' 4 Charity challenge from Scott Stricklin, athletic director at Mississippi State University.

The challenge is passed from one athletic director to another to allow coolers of ice water to be dumped over their heads. If the challenged director refuses they must donate $250 to benefit the Kay Yow Cancer Fund, in memory of the former North Carolina State University head women’s basketball coach. If accepted, a drenching progresses and the challenger makes a donation.

Currie challenged three other athletic directors: Warde Manuel at the University of Connecticut, Oliver Luck at West Virginia University and Whit Babcock at Virginia Tech University. If Currie's challenge is accepted he will make a $50 donation to the Kay Yow fund. In addition, Currie is raising the bar by making an extra gift to Kansas State University's Johnson Cancer Research Center if Manuel, Luck and Babcock take the challenge.